University Hospital Munich

University Hospital Munich

Hospital of University of Munich is a multi- and interdisciplinary Medical Center with 44 different clinics institutes and departments. With 2300 beds this general hospital is the major health care facility in Germany. The Biophotonics Research and Development Area is focused in Laser Partners Forschungslabor as a unit of LIFE Center. Relevant Clinical research and development is performed in cooperation with different medical departments as end-users and companies. The overall goal is to improve optical procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes especially under endoscopic aspects in different clinical facilities. Basic researches, development of light application devices as well as preclinical and clinical studies are performed under reproducible experimental conditions using tissue models from in vitro models to in vivo situations. Industrial and research partners benefit from the expertise for application oriented product development and from the clinical connection. Partners from the University get the advantage of professional support for solving their clinical problem associated with light induced diagnostics and therapy.


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