17 February 2014

New Associated Partner of P4L: Sapienza University of Rome

The European Network of Excellence for Biophotonic Photonics4Life welcomes a new Associated Partner – the Molecular Photonics Laboratory (MPL) of the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome. MPL will contribute to P4L with its expertise in organic nonlinear optics and integrated optics. More recently it entered the field of Biophotonics and after five years experience is now coordinating the EU project BILOBA – Bloch surface electromagnetic wave bio-sensors for early cancer diagnosis.

BILOBA plans to develop and pre-clinically validate a multifunctional point-of-care platform that is capable of performing real-time cancer biomarker detection in a tandem configuration. The BILOBA project consists of 9 participants from four different European countries including four companies. Sapienza University will extend the P4L network’s possibilities and its scientific portfolio towards organic integrated optics.

More information about the new Associated Partner: www.photonics4life.eu/P4L/About-Photonics4Life/Members-Partners/Sapienza-University-of-Rome

More information about BILOBA: www.biloba-project.eu

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Presentations of P4L workshop online

30 April 2014

On April 15, 2014, Photonics4Life organized an interdisciplinary workshop of Biophotnics at this years’ Photonics Europe.

The presentations held during this workshop are now online:

http://www.photonics4life.eu/P4L/Training/Tutorial-Materials/Talks [more]

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