IUC Members

Besides structuring and integrating Europe’s Biophotonics R&D activities, P4L wants to link the expertise of its members with SMEs and large companies, in order to stimulate Biophotonics innovation. Therefore, P4L’s Industrial User Club (IUC) was established, as the short link between industrial companies and the academic partners in P4L.

There is a long list of how P4L will support your work in biophotonics with our expertise and the database, please check out the membership-site on how to apply for becoming an IUC member.

The companies being members of the IUC so far ar listed here.

Advalight Denmark
Analytik Jena Germany
Avasha GmbH Switzerland
CellTool GmbH Germany
Cochlear Belgium
COSINGO - Imagine Optic Spain S.L. Spain
El.En. S.p.A. Italy
Elliot Scientific United Kingdom
Hamamatsu Photonics United Kingdom
High Q Laser Innovation GmbH Austria
HORIBA Scientific United Kingdom
Inject Russian Federation
JenLab Germany
LaserLeap Technologies Lda Portugal
Light4Tech Firenze srl Italy
LLC SPE Nanostructured Glass Technology Russian Federation
LLTech - Light for Life Technologies France
Luminostix Netherlands
Modulight Finland
Optics Balzer AG Liechtenstein
Ostendum Netherlands
PEIRA bvba Belgium
Visolas Gmbh Germany
XiO Photonics bv Netherlands
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Latest News

5th International Conference on Biophotonics

20 March 2017

Continuing the success of the previous meetings held in Sacramento, Ottawa, Jena, and Florence, the 5th conference will come to Perth, Western Australia, running over two full days, and back-to-back with the Science on the Swan medical research conference, which delegates are strongly encouraged to also attend, at discounted rates. [more]

Biophotonics Wiki

Visit our wiki to consult our latest technologies and techniques. [more]


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