Intensive training on Entrepreneurship in Photonics

More than ever it is of essential importance for our economy to innovate and generate new growth-oriented businesses. Photonics is a major enabling technology and will be a driver for innovations in a wide range of domains. Its core technologies, such as lasers, light emitting diodes, vision, displays, fibre optic cable, photovoltaic cells… translate in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications, of which several are in an explosive growth phase.

In order to stimulate and support innovative entrepreneurship in the domains of photonics, the VUB organizes an “Intensive Training on Entrepreneurship in Photonics”. This intensive course is targeted at researchers of universities and research institutes, young professionals, employees of photonics related companies, lawyers, business angels, consultants… active in the domain. In short: everybody who is involved or interested in entrepreneurship in photonics.

It is a 2-week modular training held in Brussels, starting on Monday 25 January 2010, ending on Friday 5 February 2010. It builds on the expertise and educational program developed at the institution over the last years, in close collaboration between the Business Economics Department (BEDR) and the Department of Photonics and Applied Physics (TONA).

Program and description of modules:

Detailed programme :

Module 1: introduction to business economics (3 days)

The first module covers an introduction to business economics and high tech entrepreneurship. It is aimed at young professionals with limited economic background. The module provides an introduction to a wide range of disciplines: understanding the structure and dynamics of industrial sectors, financial management and venture capital, intellectual property rights and other legal aspects, team and HR aspects, entrepreneurial marketing, strategy and management.

Module 2: business aspects of photonics (5 days)

Module 2 provides young professionals with an overview of the photonics markets and the typical business aspects associated with these markets. Several sectors, where photonics plays an enabling role, are addressed, including those related to health and life sciences. Since the training is organized in the context of Photonics 4 Life, the European Network of Excellence on Biophotonics, a special focus is placed on the application of light in life sciences and in the medical sector. In order to get a better understanding and to make it more ‘real-life’, testimonials and business cases are included in the program, where photonics entrepreneurs & professionals will share their ideas and experiences with you. We continuously apply the concepts introduced in the first module.

Module 3: business project in photonics (2 days)

The third module lasts 2 days and provides concrete guidance to potential entrepreneurs on how to prepare and negotiate a business plan.

Courses will be lectured by members of the Solvay Business School VUB, while keynote addresses will be given by experts in the field of photonics research, industry and sales.

For more information, please send an email to Tom Guldemont, the coordinator of this intensive training (, and to Bernadette Callebaut (


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