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WYKO NT-2000 non-contact optical profiler

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WYKO NT-2000 non-contact optical profiler


We provide a commercial non-contact optical profiler (WYKO NT-2000, Veeco) based on a Mirau interference microscope. The measurand is a contour plot containing the surface information of the sample under test. Software algorithms allow to determine different surface roughnesses, geometrical dimensions of elements (heights, widths, distances,) and systems; The data from the measurements can be used as input in specific design and modeling software tools.

Schemes and typical results

Typical results: Typical results are contour plots of micro-lenses and surface topography maps for determination of different surface roughness parameters. The data output format is a proprietary opd file (*.opd), but which can be easily exported with Matlab to other file formats, like ascii

Special features and limitations

This surface profiler system uses two approaches to measure a wide range of surface heights. The phase-shifting interferometry (PSI) mode allows measuring fairly smooth and continuous surfaces (0.1 nm < heights < 160 nm) while the vertical scanning interferometry (VSI) mode can measure rough surfaces and heights ranging between 160 nm and 2 mm.


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Ottevaere Heidi , Van Erps J├╝rgen

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